Commercial High Speed Internet Service in the Greater Houston Area

Break Free of T1 lines and Second Rate Customer Service

Customers are the life force of a business and you need to stay connected. Offsite servers, cloud computing, and your expanding customer base are always in reach with a Skynet connection.

  • Skynet’s wireless platform includes multiple fiber optic carriers providing exceptional reliability
  • Skynet offers wireless solutions with no heavy-duty cable or T1 costs involved allowing us to rapidly bring you customized solutions
  • Skynet offers same day Technical Support – just call our Local Tech Ops at the office or ask for a Technician to come and diagnose onsite

Skynet delivers speed and reliability so you can make the most of your time and money. Common broadband applications such as video conferencing, audio and video streaming and telecommuting require multi-megabit speeds and fast latency. We can provide your business with the broadband internet connection you need to take advantage of anything technology has to offer.


Professional ~ Locally Owned

We start with a custom site survey and guaranteed solutions. Our staff is 100% Skynet, we never hire contractors to fulfill our service requests. Rapid turnaround for solutions gives you the information to make the decision with confidence. Once installed, our solutions are scalable.