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Industrial and Enterprise High Speed Internet Service for the Greater Houston Area

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As a redundancy solution, Skynet is an excellent solution that can work together with your existing wireline network. The connection links directly to the backbone of Skynet’s network without the costs or hassle of building out fiber to your location.

Fixed Terrestrial Wireless (FTW) systems use high gain, fixed point antennas that can maintain a very high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). We can deliver higher speeds and greater reliability over longer distances. Fixed wireless systems also have more overall system capacity. Fixed Terrestrial Wireless systems are ground based and the data packets travel very short distances. FTW systems typically have latency of 5 to 25ms to get to Internet backbone, comparable to modern fiber, cable and DSL systems. FTW systems also have the advantage of rapid scalability.

Using our broadcasting towers we connect our Fiber Optic head ends with FCC Licensed back hauls. We have most all of the upstream carriers, if/when a fiber carrier goes dark in Houston, we simply role the data over to the other carriers.

Our technicians have TWIC clearances and are Houston Area Safety Council trained. We provide redundancy solutions with access to multiple carriers with separate Internet hubs in Houston. Private lines are available throughout the Greater Houston Area, why take you company’s private data to the public internet if you don’t have to?