Residential High Speed Internet Service for the Greater Houston Area

Internet for Today’s World

Skynet is NOT a satellite service, we broadcast our signal from local cell phone towers.

Skynet’s wireless platform offers exceptional reliability. Skynet has multiple fiber optic carrier head ends that broadcast to your home. As a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) we use wireless radios called Fixed Wireless Antennas.

As only a local company can, we provide personalized service and tech support that is second to none. Our staff and technicians live in your community and our children go the same schools. We know the needs of our cities and counties and we strive to deliver everything you need in the internet world.

Our service provides you with the option of cutting the cord to the National Cable Chains and the ‘One Size Fits All’ customer service that comes with it. No need to get “Bundles” and phone service; soon all your media wants and needs can come from your internet connection. All of our packages come without “Surprise” price increases.